Bulk SEO Checker Nulled Free Download

Tired of checking manually the SEO stats of each webpage of your website? Bulk SEO URLs audit script is for you !

Run Bulk SEO URLs audit to generate a onPage SEO audit of the URLs included in your sitemap

Simply enter the website URL of the sitemap, and the script will automatically scan and extract all the URLs in the sitemap, and will make a SEO report for each webpage URL.

Bulk SEO URLs audit script will perform the necessary tests and collect the main SEO stats (title, description, header, opengraph protocol NEW, webpage content, links, images, external files,…)

The report page is very easy to read : if the element is optimized for SEO, the element is highlighted in green. If not, the element is highlighted in red.
You do not need to be a SEO expert to use this script

Also, many SEO tips & tricks are displayed to improve your website’s SEO

The most search engine robots look at many factors when determining how to rank a page -> The powerfull…

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