Content Theft-Monitor Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free Download

In the world of duplicate content and the Google Panda’s penalties, this tool come to solve the most important problem of the website’s owners. This plugin is useful for any website owner. With its help you will be notified everytime when somebody copy your original content.

Plugin will monitor the copy-paste activity from your website. If you have a website with unique content, its protection must be the most important point of your strategy and is used as: seo tool, seo analyser, content locker, content security, SEO security

With the help of this plugin, you can see, in the real time, which are the latest copied articles and what the people searches on your website.

Key Features

Key Features

Why this plugin?

Imagine that you have a blog with 2000 articles and somebody copy and use your content, without permission. Without this plugin, you will not be able to find the copied articles because you must check 2000 articles, to find the plagiarist.

With this plugin, you have instantly access…

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