Datagrid Repeater – jQuery plugin Nulled Free Download

Easily management data grid, with customizable features.
You can download data directly from server, and upload data directly to server too.
Extremely easy to use, with one of the CSS themes and very little configuration.
Still, you have many optional features, like JSON, XML or bi-dimensional array data export, custom CSS prefixes so you can use your own CSS.
The core uses an intelligent data cell extraction (recognizes form elements).
Also, you have methods like a simple way to add new lines and retrieve single line values, callbacks for many events, and ways to bind events to same line columns.
All action buttons can be customized to appear on left or right of data cells!


  • Easy way to load data into grid from server and to export data again to server.
  • Completely flexible UI Buttons (minus, up, down, “Add Line”)
  • 4 CSS themes (gray, black, orange and white, easy to create new ones!)
  • Action buttons (minus, up, down, add line) can be link or button types
  • Custom…

Free Download

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