Interpreter – Speech to Speech language Translation app with admob monetization Nulled Free Download

With this app, you can publish on playstore and make massive money through adverts on admob…
Travelers will easily download and use in a new country where they don’t understand the spoken language..
This app can do the following;

  • Translate over 100 languages
  • Speech to Speech translation. (That is, if you are in a new country and you let the local people talk to your phone with this app in their language, The phone will record language and play it back to you in your own language so you understand them, and vice-versa)
  • Speech to Text translation
  • Text to text translation
  • Admob monetization so you can make money just like i ensure all my codes allow you to make you money back in multiples as an entrepreneur

You know nothing about android coding but still wanna reskin and publish? No problem. We offer reskin services for this app to non-coders at a fee of just 20$ extra

Free Download

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