JSONViewer – A User Friendly Data Viewer Nulled Free Download

Visualize JSON files with ease.

The best way to visualize data. JSONViewer is a user friendly, easy to use, lightweight, vanilla JS script written in OOP syle. You can use this script to visualize those ugly JSON text files in an interactive pleasant way

Features overview:

Take a glance at what this item has to offer:

  • Select and highlight items (provides an interactive way of seeing what item is currently selected/hovered)
  • Depth control for rendering (build JSON tree only to a certain depth and expand members only to a certain deph)
  • 4 built-in themes (there are a range of themes you can choose from, both in vertical and horizontal layouts). More themes will be released in the future.
  • Customizable (you can customize how the JSONViewer looks and works to a certain level through options passed to the constructor).
  • Easy to use (just a line of code to turn some ugly JSON to a beautiful representation).
  • Multiple instances on the same page (you can have as many instances as you…

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