Kiosk Notion Android Native App Nulled Free Download

Kiosk Notion android native application is a very useful app for the people who want to protect their device from others and allow to the only limited app usage. It will secure your mobile applications for your children. Install the app when you want to hide some apps from your child when they access your phone because it will hide you’re all the apps, and also it’s having exit control.

If you will use kiosk app then you don’t need to install any single app in your mobile to hide the private apps. It does not even show any app icons on the menu that’s why you should choose this app. Even it asks for the password when you will leave the app. It Enhances customer’s buying experience by saving time on unwanted applications.

The app will give access to the only apps which you allow for, you can modify the choices for apps. Once you choose the apps to lock, then can allow unlocking that and again you can lock it. So, feel relax, buy the Kiosk, and keep your apps hidden from everyone.

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