Knowledgebase/FAQ Plugin for WordPress Nulled Free Download

Version 3.0.0 is out! Click here to view the ChangeLog

WordPress Knowledgebase/FAQ System

Create a full-fledged Knowledgebase/FAQ System in your WordPress Website with flexible and customizable features. Basically, a Knowledgebase is used to display and manage articles or information. Or we can say that a Knowledgebase is a database of knowledge where information exists in the form of Articles which pes beneath different Categories. The knowledgebase can have help documents, manuals, troubleshooting information and frequently asked questions (FAQ). Knowledgebase needs to be interactive and should lead users towards the solutions of the problems they are seeking for.

This magnificent plugin can be used to create articles and categories for the subsequent topics to resolve the pain of users as well as of the Website Admin (as he saves time by not replying to every query individually). The categories can be anything from “Getting Started” to “Product Trouble Shooting” and Articles…

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