Mind Mapping App for iPad Nulled Free Download

Brainstorming / Mind Mapping

Introductory price for the first 10 licenses
This app is now available to developers with Objective-C skills. Purchase a license, then, you can modify it and sell it on the App Store.
it’s fully fonctional.

This app is the easiest mind-mapping app, the best way of brainstorming. It’s perfect for idea collection and thought structuring. It allows you to visually organise your thoughts or ideas.

A mind map is considered a great way to brainstorm and generate more ideas. It helps you create a number of small ideas from one big idea, to see how different ideas could be connected, and to create a plan of action. Visualize your plan of action and carry out those strategies with your team. This app is your ideal partner for brainstorming new ideas which can be brought to life on mind maps that resemble the informational structure of your brain using text, shapes, and images

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