MySQL Blob Uploader – File Upload to Database PHP – Blob File Server Nulled Free Download

MySQL File Uploader is a easy to use, responsive database file uploading script. Script uploads files directly into MySQL Blob field. So this script does not need any file server to store files. Since files are uploaded to a database table, No folder chamod permission is required. There are inbuilt four file categories : File Gallery for any type of file, File Gallery with Title for any type of file with Customized Title for each file, Images Gallery for image files, Images Gallery with Title for images files with title.

For any of these categories, administrator can decide which file types to upload and upload file size limit using settings. Uplaoded files can be edited or downloaded or deleted. Image Files have Image Popup facility.

File Sharing

File sharing feature is one other inbuilt feature of this script. Easy file has it’s own encrypted sharing link, you can upload your file share the link with anyone. Any person who has the link can see and download the file….

Free Download

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