PHP Dashboards NEW v5.8 – (Enterprise Edition – 100% code included) Nulled Free Download

Looking for a dashboard script that runs on the cloud, written entirely in PHP/MySQL/Javascript? This is the script for you! It leverages popular JS data visualization plug-ins including Highcharts, Highmaps, Mapbox, Leaflet maps, d3js, Datatables. Each individual chart on a dashboard can be fed from different servers on the web, supporting a variety of common data formats – JSON, CSV, Excel, MySQL, Postgres, RSS, etc. Dashboards can be maintained by individuals or a group of collaborators, shared with an audience by email, standalone webpage, or embedded via iframe into websites, blogs, WordPress/Drupal sites, etc. This script can even build WordPress plug-ins of your dashboards automatically. AND NOW JUST ADDED IN V5.8 – share your dashboards via SMS/text using Twilio. See details below.

Best of all, 100% source code is included with purchase, for you coders (3 to 5 years professional PHP/JS experience are the quals to modify this script) to extend…

Free Download

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