Php Rest Api + Angular TypeScript Code Generator Nulled Free Download

Php Rest Api + Angular TypeScript Code Generator

The provided php scripts will generate CURD operations for the given MySql Database schema in Angular Type script and Php Rest Api. It creates the all the folder structure in Angular with required components, services, html files, css files, models, Modules, routing files for Angular. And All the required php scripts for the tables with create, update, delete, read, read-one methods and php classes for each table.

Click here for the example site created using this tool and with out writing a single line of code.


  • It creates php classes (one for each table).
  • Creates methods(seperate php files) for CRUD operations (create, update, delete, read, readone)
  • Creates Typscript class for Services, Components, Models, Modules, Routes.
  • Creates Html Files, CSS files, for each table as forms.
  • Supports Pagination, sorting.
  • Primary key and Identity key handled.
  • Supports MySql Only.

Updates to this version.

  • Added the exclude tabes…

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