PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1 Nulled Free Download

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PHP Uber-style GeoTracking NEW v1.1 - 1   WHAT’S NEW IN VERSION 1.1?
By popular request, I added support to send SMS text invites
(email invites still included and still work). This feature does
require a paid Twilio account (unlike email which is FREE).
See installation instructions for setup details. Thanks to all for
the feedback and guidance! – Data Ninja (7/21/2017)

The Uber-Style Geotracker is a PHP/MySQL script that allows a group of smartphone owners to track each other’s geolocations in near real time (default: every minute).

      In my opinion Uber app’s user interface is what sets it apart
and is the key to uber’s success. It is real time, accurate, easy
to use and informative and what makes taking uber more attractive
than taking a cab. Customers knowing where the drivers are at any

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