Plugin Check – Quality Control for Plugins Nulled Free Download

Plugin Check is a developer tool. It runs a series of automated quality checks on the plugin (adapted from the Theme Check plugin) and provides you with a report. It can also scan the plugin or application you specify (or upload) and determines whether you have undefined functions or methods in it.

This tool will prove especially useful during large scale refactoring, or for quality checking for submission to sites like CodeCanyon.

Live Demo

Plugin Check has a beautifully designed admin interface, which is feature-rich, user-friendly and functional. Please visit this fully operational live demo site to see it in action.


  1. Ability to Validate Plugins: Plugin Check can detect undefined functions and methods in your plugin.
  2. Automated Checks: Plugin Check can run a suite of checks (adapted and further developed from the excellent Theme Check plugin) on the plugin as well.
  3. WordPress Aware: Plugin Check is aware of WordPress functions and their deprecation status.
  4. Upload and…

Free Download

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