Touch N Swipe Gallery jQuery Plugin Nulled Free Download

TouchNSwipe is a responsive, flexible and easy to setup jQuery gallery plugin for mobile and desktop that supports touch gestures such as pinch to zoom, drag and swipe.

Version 2.1

  – Hover zoom option for desktop
  – Option to reposition or hide tooltips when zooming or dragging
  – Added background option for slides
  – Initial zoom option
  – Drag and swipe blank area of the slide
  – More HTML and API examples

  – Doubletap zoomout defaults to minimum zoom value
  – Default cursor to “pointer”

  – performance on markers
  – zoom point on “smart” scale mode
  – zoom on newer iOS versions

Version 2.0

  – Support for DIV content (not just images)
  – Use of native scrolling when content is not zoomed
  – Markers
  – Fullscreen
  – Adaptive image…

Free Download

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