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V-PARK (Smart Vehicle Parking App)

V-Park is a smart parking app, its extraordinary parking management app, not need to buy huge hardware to maintain vehicle parking if we use V-park 

This includes features and benefits that align with your parking strategy and goals, as well as being completely re-named and branded to your color specifications and brand guidelines and will be available as a stand-alone app on Google Play stores.

  • Manage different types of parking (eg: disabled, VIP, guest)
  • Track inbound and outbound traffic of vehicles
  • Define and manage parking spaces.
  • track allocated and vacant parking slots

How V-Park Works

Normally parking manager or employee will have this app, for example in mall there is one parking manager/employee stand on entry gate in parking then, if vehicle come for parking then he will just scan vehicle number plate then he can see how much payment we need to take for parking as per vehicle type , then app will auto-suggest which is next vacant…

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