Wear Apps Uninstaller – Android Wear App – Ready Paid App Nulled Free Download

Wear Uninstaller App is an android wear app to uninstall apps from wear device. Effective in User Interface, look, feel and the unique features, this is the #1 app to Uninstall apps from wear in the market. Easy to use, simple and fast uninstaller tool to remove apps made for android wear.

! NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 NOR GEAR S3 !! (running Tizen OS or other OS)

Android Wear version 2.0 is the latest version, and wear/watch devices is selling a lot in the market now. It is the right time to have Wear app in your account and entitle for benefits with lots of users. Google PlayStore market having huge downloads and user waiting for wear apps. The application pack comes with great tutorial, first reskin and play ready app FREE SUPPORT, and APP WILL BE PAID to start making money right away.

Please review our live paid app for detailed about this wear uninstaller app and other features listed.
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Features of Wear App…

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