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Webmeta Image

Webmeta is a simple small and self-controlled page vistors track script without javascript.
After creating a track profile, the script will generate an image url to you,
You insert the 1×1 hidden image to the pages you want to track and go.

Please try our live demo (that track our codecanyon profile) here:

How to use?

1. Create database webmeta, and execute the schema.sql to create required tables;

2. Extract the to your script directory;

3. Open the application/config/database.php file to edit hostname, username, password and database to yours

4. Open http://yourserver/your script directory/admin.php with browser and go, the default password is ‘pleasechangeme’

5. Click create profile button will generate a gif image (1×1 hidden), the absolute image url will shown in the profile droplist

6. Embed the image html code in your tracked page.



Free Download

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