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WoW PHP Encoder PRO

WoW PHP Encoder is a advanced php script encrypter that will encode your php files into hard coded scripts that will be very very hard to understand and cannot be easily decrypted. The aim of this tool is simple to protect your hosted script’s source for unauthorized viewing. Most people inject attacks and easily download the original files from your host and you cannot do anything… so WoW PHP Encoder encodes files in such a extent that even if your file is easily downloaded the user cannot view your source.

This is how it looks :

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So ? what do you think are your scripts protected ? View the video preview or screen shots to know more…

Features at a glance

+ Encode php files in bulk.

+ Dual layered protection.

+ Does not modified your original code execution.

+ Preserves all important function, constructors, strings, methods and etc..

+ Fast. Secure. Portable.

+ Auto save files while encoding.

+ Lifetime support via email and…

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