WP Geo IP Action Plugin Nulled Free Download

WPGeoIP Actions plugin provides facility to perform actions (redirection/hide/show content) on the basis of geolocation(country/region/city) of the visitor from the IP address.

This plugin provides facility to remove unwanted traffic by redirecting it. You can also perform different actions based on the geolocation of user.

Demo Details

Demo URL
username: demouser
pwd: [email protected]

You can define many different rules(actions) as you want to apply based on the geolocation of visitor. To add rules, you need to enter the country, type of action (Redirect/Hide) and what action to be perrformed if that geolocation (Country) matched.

You can also add region/state and city if region/state and city based data is also available. To get geolocation from the IP address of the user, three different options are integrated. You can select anyone of these three options as per your convenience.

You can define different rules/actions as per different posts,…

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